FULL * –  COMMISSARY SERVICE’S :  Access – 24 Hours / 7 Days
• Full Commissary Services include: Dedicated, outdoor, parking space with electrical hook up, trash/recycling/compost/used oil disposal, and water fill up.

PARTIAL –  COMMISSARY SERVICES :  Access – Monday thru Friday 4 pm to 9 pm

• Partial Commissary Services include: Trash/recycling/compost/used oil disposal, and water fill up.


– A Food Truck space is roughly 8′ x 24′

– A Food Cart space is roughly 8′ x 8′


Food Truck:

– Full Commissary Services – $500 / Month

– Partial Commissary Services – $250 / Month

Food Cart:

– Full Commissary Services – $400 / Month

– Partial Commissary Services – $175 / Month

PAYMENTS: Payments must be made in advance.

SECURITY DEPOSIT:  One month Commissary fee



Chill is a licensed food establishment with shared kitchen rental and commissary services for Mobile Food Establishment‘s.


– Each operator must have a Mobile Food Establishment Commissary Verification Form and a current copy of their License, from the Detroit Health Department, on file with Chill.

– Each operator must provide proof of product and general  liability  as well as Property insurance coverage, with a minimum of $1 million dollars per occurrence and $2 million aggregate, with Chill and Detroit Architectural Metals Company listed as additional named insured, and maintain such policy for the duration of commissary use.

The lot is provided with 3 entrances/exits (Woodbridge, St. Aubin, Franklin) that would allow vehicles to enter and leave the lot. Vehicles will be parked within the fenced lot area.

– Each operator will be provided with a key to access the lot or will be given access by a lot attendant and must sign a Sign-in Log, kept in a weather protected container, each time they use the facility. This log will be kept on file for at least 60 days. A copy of this log will be provided to the Detroit Health Department on a monthly basis.

-The commissary will provide Full as well as Partial commissary services. Full Commissary Services include a parking space, electrical hook up, trash, used oil disposal, and water fill up. Partial Commissary Services include trash, used oil disposal, and water fill up.

The water bibb is located on the side of the building. A food grade hose is provided to fill the fresh water tanks or containers for the mobile food establishments. The food grade hose will be stored in a clean and dry container, away from any form of contamination and is fitted with a hose bibb back flow prevention device to prevent back flow contamination.

– Solid waste will be disgarded and maintained in bins provided with tight fitting lids, which will be picked up on a weekly basis or more frequently, if needed, by the Waste management company.

– Operators be provided with a key and have access to the commissary 24 hours / 7 days a week or Monday thru Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm and may enter and exit through the gates located off or Woodbridge St. and/or St. Aubin.

– Operators may book kitchen time for ware washing and food preparation (ie. washing, cutting, cooking, assembling, etc.) food preparation. The kitchen must be returned clean and in it‘s original condition. Some cleaning supplies will be provided for use but the operator should bring their own.

– Operators will not be allowed to store food or equipment on the premises.

– Operators will not be allowed to wash their vehicles on the premises.

– Operators may dispose of waste water in the mop sink and may not dispose of non sewage liquids and condensate drainage.

– The operators Mobile Food Establishment Commissary Verification Form will be cancelled and the Detroit Health Department will be notified, if any of Chill‘s SOP‘s are violated, for non payment of any amounts due or for any returned payments.